How to Make a DIY Kids Snack Box that Is Nutritious and Fun

Are you a mummy who is planning to DIY a kids snack box but have no idea how? Do you want your toddlers to enjoy eating nutritious food? Or are you a mom who wants to encourage her picky eaters to munch away their lunches by adding a pop of fun? Then you have come to the right place! Grab a cup of your favourite beverage, sit back, and let us get to it.

What is a Kids Snack Box?

A kids snack box is also known as kids bento box or snackle box. It contains a variety of child-friendly foods in a single container. A kids snack box is very convenient as school lunches, quick snacks during outings, road trips, or even as something your kids can grab anytime when they are having the munchies at home. The foods inside are typically healthy and packed with nutritions. For example, an assortment of creatively cut fruits and vegetables.

Why Make One?

Children can be absolute picky eaters. They also easily get bored with the same food. A visually pleasing snack box creates excitement in children. Varieties of colourful fruits, veggies, and shapes put together in one box are enticing to eat. They will get the nutrients they need. Plus, preparing creative kids finger food can be fun, especially when you include your children during the preparation process.

Grab your essentials!

1. Fun or Colourful Container Design

Many Plastic Food Containers in a Shop for Background
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Choose their containers! You can select from a variety of vibrantly coloured food containers, big or small, and patterned ones too. Keep in mind your child’s favourite colours or cartoon characters to ease the selection process. If you want to step up the decorating game, ask your kid to join in the fun. Together, you can decorate it with cute stickers!

2. Cookie Cutters in Different Shapes and Sizes

Christmas Cookies
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Unique shapes in different sizes amazes children! That is why, when you are preparing their snack boxes, do not be afraid to go a little crazy with the shapes. Use this strategy to its fullest potential. Cut sandwiches or crunchy fruits and veggies using fun shaped cookie cutters. If your kids love animals, then animal shaped munchies will definitely catch their interest.

3. Colourful Silicone Cupcake Liners

Colourful Silicone Cupcake Liners
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Use colourful silicone cupcake liners. They are handy to keep the snacks organised and in place. You would not want all the foods getting mixed in together do you? Since these are flexible, they are perfect for snack boxes of different shapes.

4. Nutritious Snack Ingredients

Healthy Snack Concept Top View
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And of course, the most important essential is the healthy munchies. Giving your little sunshines nutritious food is important. Hence, make sure you are preparing balanced and healthy finger-foods. There are tons of easy recipes that you can find on the internet. Take into consideration your child’s favourite fruits and vegetables. If they like something sweet and creamy for example, fruits mixed with yoghurt is the way to go. Something more savoury would be sandwiches. A kids snack box should also include food that are high in fibre. Another special thing about lunch boxes is that you can mix and match the contents. This makes it easier for you to gradually introduce your children to new food by adding them into the munchies mix little by little.

Lunch Box with Food for Child
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Key Takeaway

All things considered, take this DIY activity as an opportunity to bond with your children. Include them in the process! It is truly a reward to be able to see their happy faces and excitement. Moreover, they will be more encouraged to eat the nutritious snacks that have been prepared.

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