Why Are Singaporeans So Interested In Enrichment Classes?

Singapore is ranked among the best when it comes to education. The nation has produced high achieving students albeit a relatively young system. Nevertheless, education extends beyond the classroom and that’s where enrichment classes come in. 

Enrichment classes can help your child realize their potential in different fields of study. It offers a learning experience beyond conventional teaching, helping children focus on subjects that interest them. This could be anything from science to English or arts and sports. 

In Singapore, enrolling your child into enrichment classes is not uncommon. Parents see it as a way to help their child improve and grow. This among many other reasons is why Singaporeans are keen on enrolling their child into enrichment classes. 

With that, this article will discuss the benefits of enrichment classes as to how it encourages parents to enroll their child. Before that, let’s get a better understanding of what an enrichment class is. 


What is an Enrichment Class?

Enrichment classes are extracurricular activities that take place outside of school. They are often confused with tuition classes as they tend to focus on specific subjects. However, enrichment classes allow children to learn about topics that are not highlighted in school.

This gives your child the opportunity to discover and learn about new hobbies and skills. For example, children can learn about topics that interest them such as art or sports. They can also focus on school based subjects such as science or mathematics.  

In addition, Enrichment classes are conducted in a creative and practical way. It subverts from traditional teaching methods to create a conducive learning environment for children. This can be highly beneficial for your child which takes us to the next point. 


Why Enrichment Classes?

The enrichment class industry rakes in more than a billion dollars every year. Singaporeans clearly find enrichment programs useful and rightfully so. Without further ado, here are some of the many benefits of enrolling your children into enrichment classes.


  • Different Learning Environment
    A child’s ability to learn differs from one another. Some children excel in a traditional classroom setting while others do not. Placing them in a different learning environment might encourage them to learn better. Furthermore, enrichment programs are more hands on and flexible opposed to sitting down and listening to a teacher. Your child might also focus better due to the small teacher to student ratio.


  • Discover New Skills and Interest
    Enrichment classes offer a wide variety of subjects and topics to learn. Your child could improve their in class academics or opt for something they have not tried. It’s a great way to discover and hone their natural talents. Learning a new skill will also benefit your child’s future development and possibly become a lifelong career. Singapore is a nation filled with opportunities, a great platform for different career paths.


  • Builds Confidence and Individuality
    School can be overwhelming to some children and it might diminish their confidence. On the other hand, an enrichment class provides a platform for children to express themselves. It allows them to engage in activities that are not available in school. This could be self expressive activities such as art, dancing or music. Individuality is a confidence booster for children and it also builds character development.


  • Improves Social Skills
    Enrichment activities usually require children to work with one another. These programs are designed to help children build social skills through cooperation and communication. Classes are also held in smaller groups and it provides more opportunities to interact. On top of that, the smaller teacher to student ratio might encourage introverted children to speak out. You can also take the opportunity to get your child into public speaking to further improve their speaking skills.


  • Complements School Work
    The added knowledge your child gets from enrichment programs can supplement their school lessons. Regardless if it’s art, science or language, enrichment lessons can give your child an edge over a wide range of school subjects. As mentioned, these lessons can also be a great confidence booster. This will help your child approach school work with more confidence, helping them excel in certain areas.


  • Emphasis on Creativity
    Enrichment classes are structured to help your child become more creative. This is done through practical training and applied learning. Although it may go against general belief, creativity can be applied anywhere including school based subjects. Creativity promotes mental growth and enrichment classes provide a space for children to try out new ideas. This fosters new ways of thinking and improves problem solving skills.



In conclusion, there are many benefits to enrolling your children into enrichment classes. It will improve their confidence, creativity and social skills for the most part. It also helps them discover new skills and perform better in school.

All in all, enrichment classes look to provide a more favorable learning environment for your children. This has propelled Singaporeans to enroll their children into these programs. The rise of enrichment classes is exponential and it will continue to do so if the trend continues.

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