The Impact of Preschool Enrichment Classes

Most if not all parents have a similar goal of raising successful children. Although this may seem a bit premature, preschool is probably the best time to start. Ages four to five (average age of preschoolers in Singapore) is actually a good age for children to pick up new skills. 

This window of opportunity or “sensitive period” is where your child’s neural circuit is open to learning new experiences. In other words, the developing brain has the tendency to ingrain lessons that are being taught. So what lessons should you put your child through? 

Once again we look to enrichment classes, a conducive environment for children to learn and have fun at the same time. Preschoolers are too young to learn from a conceptual standpoint but an enrichment program is all about practicality. 

Enrichment involves activities that will stimulate your child in a creative way such as music, arts and sports. If you’d like to know how preschool enrichment classes can impact your child, keep reading on! 

Promotes Interest to Learn 

Children are hardwired to play and have fun and preschool is a platform for them to do so. They engage in activities such as painting, doing puzzles, reading and many more. Although enrichment lessons promote fun too, it also offers an in depth approach to learning a new skill. 

This will give your child the opportunity to have a deeper understanding of that particular skill and have fun at the same time. Whether it may be drawing or kicking a ball, enrichment is all about igniting your child’s interest to learn. 

Builds Self Esteem 

Enrichment is about self expression and individuality. Allowing your child to do something they genuinely love will naturally build confidence and self esteem. Every individual should possess a medium to express themselves and preschool is the best time to establish that. 

Apart from building confidence and self esteem, it will also synchronously help your child learn about self love and positivity. As a result, your child will possess the coping skills for mistakes, prompting them to never give up even if they fail at first. 

Develops Social Skills 

Enrichment classes are usually conducted in groups, encouraging children to interact with one another. This will help your child develop the social skills and cognitive abilities to engage in a proper conversation. 

Social skills are important as they teach children how to form positive relationships. It also teaches them how to be empathetic, making it easier for them to make friends and cooperate in social situations. 

Encourage Healthy Challenges 

Most enrichment classes are structured to challenge preschoolers in a healthy and non stressful way. To alot of children, going into a new environment presents a challenge on its own. Nonetheless, challenges and obstacles can strengthen the mindset of children. 

Facing and navigating through these challenging situations will build resilience. It will also build adaptability, giving children the confidence to adapt to any situation. Healthy challenges are important for the development of children but make sure the teachers don’t take it too far! 

Nurtures Talent 

Some children are able to show early indications of being talented in a specific activity. They might have a knack for painting, playing sports or even singing. If your child starts showing early signs of talent, it’s probably a good idea to sign them up for an enrichment class. 

A program that is catered to develop their specific talents will be monumental. On the other hand, enrichment can also help your child discover their hidden talents. Every child is unique and these programs will be able to cultivate the talents and potential of your child. 


Preschool enrichment classes can impact your child in many ways. It’s a platform for children to participate in activities that interest them. Enrichment programs are also designed for practical learning opposed to the theoretical approach of mainstream education. 

Before enrolling your child in these classes, always make sure they are not overwhelmed with other activities. Children can get stressed too and they need days off to decompress and have fun. Last but not least, be sure to find a learning center that is trustworthy and credible. 

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